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Representative Projects

Change Management & Organizational Development 


● Identified cultural and organizational issues through a needs assessment of two divisions in the merger of two $5 billion communications companies. Recommended methods to senior management to facilitate integration.


● Studied human resource/organizational design for CEO of international beverage company; facilitated change without disruption to relationships and key business areas.


● Worked with newly appointed senior management team to construct the organization plan and implement its change strategy: defined and articulated the vision, developed competency models, aligned compensation with performance standards, and coached executives to lead the change effort.


● Conducted national training and development benchmarking studies for rapidly growing high technology company in several functional areas: human resources, general management/leadership and technology.


● Studied community banking practices for international bank; developed organizational and staffing strategy to meet changing community and legislative demands. Designed presentation for Chairman to deliver to Board of Directors.


● Assisted in reengineering effort by Chairman of Fortune 500 Company; coached senior staff and direct reports to facilitate change efforts. Framed empowerment programs throughout organization, from staff in corporate headquarters to line workers in divisions.


● Developed "High Potential" and succession planning programs for international companies facing strategic marketing shifts and technological change; programs were integrated into their global business strategy.


●Coached senior management team of several rapidly growing companies to better manage peer and subordinate business/interpersonal relationships. Provided ongoing support, advice and counsel during change and transition

Human Resource Administration



● Served as off-site Human Resources department in start-up of a new manufacturing plant for international printing company. Developed policies and procedures, employee handbook, customized orientation program, and training program for managers.


●Designed and installed a comprehensive Human Resources plan for rapidly growing, privately owned, health service provider.

• Recruited and trained staff. Conducted team-building workshops for senior management.

• Audited Human Resource function and developed policies, procedures, and systems.

• Selected service provider for benefit plans; negotiated directly with carriers.


● Planned and wrote Human Resource policy and procedure manuals for several Fortune 100 companies, including publishing, communications, manufacturing and service industries.


●Provided full-service Human Resource function to several small companies (revenues under $100 million), including recruiting and selection, compensation, policies and procedures, affirmative action and management development.


● Formulated Human Resource mission and assessed department for recently acquired small company; served as coach and mentor to Human Resource Manager.


● Furnished short and long-term interim senior human resource management (Vice President level) and full staff support to diverse companies facing leadership change. Acted as senior member of team for day-to-day operations and decision-making. Recruited and participated in the selection of regular full-time replacements.


Corporate Learning



● Reviewed global organizational needs for both individual and group learning covering senior management, exempt, and non-exempt employees.


● Facilitated organizational change and development workshops, leadership effectiveness seminars and individual senior management coaching in the Far East, Eastern and Western Europe, and Latin America for global consumer bank.


● Delivered behaviorally based business simulations (U.S. and internationally) to assess senior level individual and group performance. Evaluated executives against corporate standards for selection and development. Facilitated constructive performance feedback by supervisors and peers.


● Provided executive (CEO level) coaching and counseling to enhance management skills and behaviors. Prepared executives for internal and external television, teleconferencing and multi-media presentations.


● Partnered with clients to develop and deliver learning programs to insure success of change initiatives.


● Program topics included managing in a changing environment, identification and retention of key staff, creating respectful working environments, performance management, competency based interviewing and selection, understanding cultural and gender differences.


● Facilitated senior management off-site meetings to establish business strategies, set objectives, and develop action plans.


● Participated in decision-making of human resource implications and communication to staff. Implemented recommendations.


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