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Areas of Service

Focused consultation generates effective actions, not merely exact diagnoses.
Performance Management


Develop and implement systems for assessing individual and team performance.


What constitutes average and above-average performance? Setting performance measures and standards; performance planning and feedback; coaching managers to provide actionable and behaviorally-based feedback

Employee Relations and Communications




Identify potential employee relations "hot spots" before they become problems.


Easy to use guidelines for handling typical employee interactions which steer operating managers away from legal difficulties. Practical interventions to increase employee motivation and enthusiasm to gain productivity and profit. Outline management strategies to minimize potential liability.

Human Resource Administration


Evaluate current capabilities of the Human Resource Department to deliver against organizational needs.


Recordkeeping; information systems; compliance with record requirements; responding to organizational needs; providing partnership with, and support for, the organization and its strategic objectives and profitability.

Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence       




Pre-deal assessment of the organization and personnel.


In merger, acquisition, venture capital, or LBO situations, a "preorganization and management assessment is as important as all the other "due diligence" activities. This assessment provides critically important insights as to the skills, experience, strengths and deficiencies of the key executives involved and the adequacy of human resource programs and systems.

Hiring Practices and Staffing




Assess recruiting practices, methods and effectiveness.


Building a higher quality workforce through help with cost effective recruitment practices. Creating a better fit between worker talent and job specifications. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior -- uncovering accurate past behavior is the outcome of effective selection and interviewing.

Management and Organizational Assessment




A thorough analysis of the organization's strengths and weaknesses.


The right organization structure reduces costs, improves internal communications and increases opportunities and effectiveness. Assessment includes diagnosis of organizational effectiveness through specific attention to structure, distribution of power and influence, job design and staffing.

RPG took what we thought were very complicated organizational issues and captured them into a cohesive approach.  They took the complicated and made it simple.  The implementation was fast and effective."


CEO, technology.

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